NEF Reserve Kandilli

NEF Reserve Kandilli

The Project

Nef Reserve, Turkey’s most premium real estate developer in the country’s most idyllic locations asked Fifth Estate for help in developing a marketing campaign to attract a younger influential buyer segment to invest in Kandilli, one of the oldest and most desirable areas of Istanbul. Outlined with pristine shores of the Bosphorus, with mountains blanketed with oak and Mediterranean Cypress trees, and famous for its mid-century architecture, Kandilli was the ideal place to launch this outstanding young community.


NEF Reserve





Land Area


Number of Units


Launch Date

May 2018

Delivery Date



451 million USD


As a result, Nef Reserve Kandilli emerged as the new benchmark for real estate marketing in Turkey and generated great value, attracted a new customer base and resulted in excellent sales that extended beyond the capital, reaching investors in the wider European, Mediterranean and Gulf region.

Project Scope
  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Brand narrative
  • Brand identity and visual language
  • Brand architecture
  • Sub brand creation
  • Commercial brochure
  • Print & outdoor campaign
  • Digital campaign

NEF Reserve Kandilli - Old Soul, New Heart

NEF Reserve

NEF Reserve Kandilli Fence Hoarding

There are few districts in turkey – indeed, the world – as naturally romantic as Kandilli.

NEF Reserve Kandilli Magazine Advert

NEF Reserve Kandilli Lightbox Design

Like the magnificent city of Istanbul, the Nef Reserve Kandilli combines the best of both worlds, paying homage to the centuries long tradition of prosperous, dignified living in the area, while featuring all the modern exigencies of luxury, spectacular views of the Bosphorus and the restoring presence of green nature.

NEF Reserve Kandilli, Couple in Garden

NEF Reserve Kandilli

NEF Reserve Kandilli Brochure Cover

A high-profile brand, marketing campaign, digital and printed collateral titled “Old Soul – New Heart” that garnered considerable press and appealed to a younger audience of connoisseurs and celebrities.

NEF Reserve Kandilli Brochure Spreads

View From NEF Reserve Kandilli

NEF Reserve Kandilli

NEF Reserve Kandilli Website Design

Spectacular luxury and dignified heritage.

NEF Reserve Kandilli Email Design Header

NEF Reserve Kandilli Email Design Middle

NEF Reserve Kandilli Email Design Footer