04.04.2023 Press

Uptown Dubai: A Masterpiece of Design, Innovation, and Luxury

Fifth Estate receives best marketing development award for their work on Uptown Dubai, The Wonderland of Dubai.

Uptown Dubai is an intriguing and complex project created by DMCC, the largest free zone in the UAE and the entire world. The masterplan includes a GFA of 170,000 square metres, 7 impressive towers, a central entertainment plaza, more than 200 retail and F&B outlets, approximately 3,000 residences, and a number of luxury hotels. Uptown Dubai is in an excellent location in terms of accessibility, transportation, and connectivity. It is a historically significant project as well as a stunning landmark, perfectly positioned to provide mesmerizing views of the Gulf waters, the Dubai skyline, and the city’s incredible landscape. Uptown Dubai, designed to compete with the Burj Khalifa district, anchors the city’s southern gateway.

Uptown Tower is the first of two supertall towers that will crown DMCC’s Uptown Dubai district. It is a super-tall record-breaker designed by internationally renowned Chicago architects Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill (AS+GG). It will be the world’s 80th tallest building, rising 340m above the ground and featuring 81 floors of premium Grade A commercial space, as well as the elegant five-star SO/Uptown Hotel and exquisite SO/Uptown Residences, the first of their kind in the Middle East. The tower marks the debut of the glamorous Accor brand in the region.

Fifth Estate was tasked with the strategic positioning and marketing of Uptown Dubai’s extensive and impressive masterplan, as well as a one-of-a-kind placemaking and destination branding for an entirely new district – the heart of the future Dubai. The company was also in charge of Uptown Tower’s branding and marketing, as well as the launch of Accor’s first SO/ hotel and residence in the Middle East, which was located within Uptown Tower. The goal was to elevate the SO/ brand from four to five stars in order to match the idea, design, and offering of Uptown Dubai and justify a price point for offices and residences comparable to that of Downtown Dubai.

Fifth Estate faced the challenge of developing a brand narrative for Uptown Dubai that would stand out from the past, present, and future competition in a traditionally conservative market. They succeeded in creating a completely unique and imaginative brand that is both creative and eye-catching. The company developed a magical and experiential vision, allowing the project to evolve and unfold with the development while maintaining intrigue and interest. Fifth Estate applied this concept to every element and touchpoint, from naming and branding to launch and communications. They created a full end-to-end marketing and sales experience that included a luxurious sales centre, a highly successful digital and offline campaign, and a one-of-a-kind sales experience for VIP clients.

Fifth Estate’s approach to branding and marketing for Uptown Dubai was grounded in a deep understanding of the project’s target audience. The company conducted extensive research to create a brand narrative that would resonate with potential buyers and investors, positioning Uptown Dubai as the premier luxury development in the region. A multifaceted marketing strategy was implemented, encompassing a range of touchpoints specifically tailored to the needs and preferences of the high-end clientele. Fifth Estate’s meticulous attention to detail and innovative approach to marketing and sales contributed significantly to the success of the Uptown Dubai project

Overall, Fifth Estate’s work on Uptown Dubai was a huge success, elevating the project to the pinnacle of luxury in Dubai and raising the entire DMCC free zone to a new level of luxury. The approach to branding and marketing taken by the company was as distinct as the project itself, a true reflection of its essence, and the results speak for themselves. Fifth Estate’s award-winning work on Uptown Dubai demonstrates the firm’s expertise in developing and executing successful marketing campaigns that produce results. The success of the project’s branding and marketing demonstrates the company’s ability to create a distinct and compelling brand narrative, as well as execute a highly successful marketing campaign that was well-received by buyers and investors. This allowed Fifth Estate to receive the 5-star Best Development Marketing Award in the region and all of Arabia at the International Property Awards.