05.06.2020 Insights

The Brand Journey Imperative

How to Stand out in a Hyper-Competitive Market

Dubai and the ME region are inundated with exclusive developments, and the competition in its luxury real-estate and hospitality market is more intense than ever. It’s a challenging endeavor to stand out in the crowd of biggest, richest, largest, tallest and most innovative.

Old ideas and ways of thinking no longer apply. It’s not enough to be an internationally recognized brand and traditional leader in the industry in order to make an impact or attract people to engage.

Buyers have evolved, and how they engage with brands has also evolved, given the presence of technology in our lives. Buyers today value differentiating points that are not strictly related to numbers, statistics, technical aspects and traditional brand reputation. They’re looking for new, personalized, exclusive, tailor-made experiences.

That’s why a comprehensive and compelling brand narrative is the key to the success in branding, differentiating and selling exclusive luxury developments in this market.

At the beginning, we ask ourselves how to create a brand narrative that will connect all elements, be functional and effective across all touch points, and stand out to the end user. How will the end user engage with it? How do we distinguish this project from others in the city, the region, the world?

A strong marketing partner is one that bridges the gap between what developers want to sell and what buyers are looking for. We are an extension of the developer’s project, marketing, PR and sales team – an essential part of the project itself.
We speak the same language – both as the developer and the audience.

Our creative journey starts with a deep understanding of the developer’s vision, their substance and the raison d’etre behind the project, together with the architectural genius that constructed it, the interior design prodigies that curated it, the specific advantages of the location, and all the intricate and refined details that go into creating a luxury development masterpiece.

Taking this complex knowledge, we connect it to a profound understanding of the audience – their needs, desires, tastes, lifestyle, goals, way of thinking, dining, shopping, socializing, travelling, living, being, as well as the regional culture and market conditions.

Using these building blocks we create a fascinating narrative – a compelling story, where all the elements come together to connect the brand to the people. Like the luxury development we represent, we design everything around people.

The brand narrative we create is thus personal, emotive and meaningful. It comprises an exquisite combination of visual design, tailor-made typography, fascinating imagery, refined copy – connecting the development to the audience in a powerful way.

The most important point about the brand journey is that it represents not only the luxury of the development and exclusive characteristics, but also portrays most vividly an entire lifestyle – one that is familiar, alluring and relevant to the target audience.

In order to be successful, we demonstrate strikingly who should buy, why they should buy, the kind of lifestyle they are buying into and what they gain by choosing this development over the myriad others in the market. We connect the project directly to their lifestyles, touching on every aspect of their life.

The personal experience is thus intricately interwoven into the brand journey, which in turn becomes the inspiration for everything, the magic touch that makes all the difference.