14.03.2023 Press

Al Mouj Sarai: A Bespoke Masterpiece by Fifth Estate

Fifth Estate receives best marketing development award for their work on al Mouj Sarai, the “Billionaire’s Row” of Oman.

“Unparalleled” and “Bespoke” are two key words that define Al Mouj Sarai, Oman’s most prestigious development, located in the most distinguished location in the Al Mouj Muscat masterplan, Oman’s first and most premium lifestyle and leisure destination. Al Mouj Sarai consists of only 27 absolutely magnificent, bespoke palaces for Oman’s and the region’s most illustrious clientele and royalty. The CEO of Al Mouj Muscat came up with a vision for a truly one-of-a-kind development for only the most illustrious clients in the region. Fifth Estate was tasked with developing the marketing and positioning strategy for, as well as the execution of said vision. The project, which is part of the Al Mouj Muscat masterplan, is a one-of-a-kind public-private partnership between the Sultanate of Oman and the renowned UAE-based Majid Al Futtaim Properties. The goal of Fifth Estate was to raise the profile of the Majid Al-Futtaim Properties real estate brand and to represent the interests of Oman’s strategic government stakeholders in establishing Al Mouj Sarai as the Sultanate’s most iconic project.

The project’s marketing was a huge success, elevating Al Mouj Sarai to the pinnacle of luxury in Oman and elevating the entire master plan of al Mouj Muscat to a different, completely premium level of luxury. Just recently on the 10th of October 2022 Fifth Estate won an award for best development marketing in the international property awards 2022-2023 in all of Oman, and went further on to win best in Arabia for their work on Al Mouj Sarai.

Fifth Estate’s approach to Al Mouj Sarai’s branding and marketing was as unique as the project itself, a true reflection of its essence. Rather than define and confine, Fifth Estate created a brand narrative and

identity that is a creative canvas that reflects the buyers’ uniqueness, status, and style. The concept of bespoke was Fifth Estate’s guiding principle in everything they imagined and created for Al Mouj Sarai. Fifth Estate applied this concept to every element and touch point, from designing individualized crests for each palace, to creating custom-made floor plans and exclusive tubes, a luxurious brand book and invitation, and a member app, to curating and tailoring a completely personalized customer journey experience. Al Mouj Sarai’s marketing brand idea “True Reflection” was inspired by the shimmering, crystal clear waters of Al Mouj Muscat’s marina. 

“Al Mouj Sarai’s lavish serviced palaces, directly on the Gulf of Oman, are all canvases that clients can turn into mesmerizing, personal, bespoke palaces – livable works of art, carefully tailored and curated according to the their taste, wishes, and desires. They become completely unique, a true reflection of each prestigious client. Each plot is a lavish canvas awaiting transformation into a remarkable and one-of-a-kind livable work of art” – Anne Schimmel, Global Director Fifth Estate. 

Al Mouj Sarai strikes the ideal balance between tranquility and excitement, providing a prestigious lifestyle within a diverse and cosmopolitan masterplan. One of the most important aspects of Fifth Estate’s approach was to distinguish Al Mouj Sarai from the masterplan’s districts, as well as from 

everything else within Al Mouj Muscat, while still connecting it to the master brand in a subtle and elegant way. Each element, from the naming to the brand mark and icon, is both distinct from and consistent with the masterbrand, elevating it through its sophistication.

The Developers strategic vision and innovative approach served as a strong foundation for the development of the entire project, including product, architecture, and interior design, as well as the exclusive sales experience. Fifth Estate was awarded the 5 star best development marketing award in the region in the International Property Awards for their work on Al Mouj Muscat in 2020 and also won multiple awards again in 2022. In the very same event in 2022, Fifth Estate  won best development marketing in all of Oman for positioning Al Mouj Sarai as the most exclusive and desirable address in the country and region, a bespoke masterpiece